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Intimately coupling the most modern Holistic Dentistry with Acupunctures ability to enhance your natural healing

At Nature's OM – Dental Acupuncture, the united team of Holistic Dentist and Reiki Healer Dr. Olga Isaeva and Acupuncturist, Herbalist, Reiki Practitioner, Kundalini Yogi, and Tai Chi instructor Christopher Grodski, are bringing you the most up to date-tooth saving-natural health regenerating service for your dental needs and more! The mouth is the first part of the digestive system, which is the primary source of your health and immunity, as the digestion feeds all the other bodily systems, according to ancient wisdom. A healthy mouth is the start to the vibrant YOU. So, here at Natures OM - Dental Acupuncture in the Huntington NY area on Long Island, Holistic Dentist Dr Olga cares for your teeth in the most minimal-invasive way, saving most of the tooth structure that is often unnecessarily removed in conventional dentistry. She does this by using highly specific techniques for minimal and air tight fillings, avoiding crowns and root canals, all while rebuilding the natural tooth structure. This process is called Biomimetic Dentistry or Nature Mimicking Dentistry. The care put into healing your tooth is impeccable, layering the fillings bit by bit, to have a solid, tooth identical reconstruct. Also, quite naturally, this is a Fluoride Free, Mercury Free, and PBA Free Practice, so you are not exposed to unhealthy compounds. Not to mention, our passion in removing the metal amalgam old filings so your system is no longer exposed to toxic mercury, which is followed by individualized, natural heavy metal detoxification procedures. There are a number of Natural Holistic Treatments Dr. Olga can provide for you. Others include, Drill Free Anesthesia Free Air Abrasion, which is conservative and less traumatic, and Natural Oxygen Ozone Therapy that treats and eliminates dental infections in addition to supporting the surrounding healthy tissue without toxic side effects, while boosting immunity for rapid self-healing. Without a doubt, Holistic Dentist Dr. Olga will optimally save your tooth structure and rebuild what is necessary so you can keep your Natural Teeth and Your Original Health.

And This Is Only Half The Benefit!

Throughout the process, partnered with Acupuncturist Herbalist Christopher L.Ac., the whole experience is enhanced by using acupuncture, herbal remedies, healing touch, nutrition, and yogic modalities to reduce pain, decrease pre and post inflammation, quicken the healing process, and put you on a path of true health, starting with the source, the Mouth! Common conditions successfully treated with Acupuncture and Herbs are TMJ/TMD, neuralgia, Headache/Migraine, receding gums and sensitivity, toothache, eating disorders and much more. Let Holistic Dentist and Reiki Healer Dr. Olga and Acupuncturist Herbalist Chris L.Ac., care for your teeth, mouth and overall health - well being by providing you with something better then the typical, better then conventional. Let Natural Holistic Dentistry and the wisdom of Natural Oriental and Eastern Medicine, together, support you to heal and mend the way Nature Intended!

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I can't recommend Chris highly enough. After a few treatments for shoulder pain I discovered that I was feeling a whole lot better overall as well. A lot of the things I had associated with aging like morning aches and stiffness were gone. Digestion, sleep, energy levels and focus were also greatly improved... Read More



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