Spotting BurnOut !

Knowing Burnout & When Your Due For Acupuncture

             Greetings All!   Today I though it would be helpful to give you some tell tale signs of early burn-out and when to seek help to prevent its furthering.

Now and days, fast pace seems normal pace! So, we can be over loaded with projects and our intellectual planning that our mental and physical health can start to take a toll, on a progressive and low-grade level that it seems to go under the radar. Increasing our awareness of these happenings and the early signs will help us to avoid getting run down, sick and/or burnt out. Here are some mild signs below.

1) Any symptoms you already deal with (pain, insomnia, stress, digestive irregularities, pms) will either start to worsen or simply bother you more then they normally would.

2) It becomes more difficult to make decisions, keep a clear mind free of clutter and confusion.

3) Your sleep may seem less restful even though you are getting the typical hours for yourself.

4) Your emotions start to be strong enough that they are distracting you from the present moment and the day at hand.

5) Your mind becomes more concerned and focused on yourself rather then others or projects at hand.

6) You may begin to start to crave a particular type of food/flavor more then usual.

7) You tolerance and patience with people or loved ones decreases.

8) You may experience symptoms that are not usual for you, as in Headaches, Belching, Constipation, or Sleep Difficulty.

9) You find your dreams are more bothersome.

10) You might feel you don’t look as vibrant when you see yourself in the mirror.

11) Being aware of how you feel when someone touches you. For example, if a loved one walks by and touches your shoulder and it feels like the most amazing thing in the world!! … then maybe you’re due for some type of body work. Just recently myself, I was demonstrating acupuncture, and when I needled my hand it felt like my eyes wanted to close and my body craved the needle sensation in my hand which felt so good. This was a wake up call for myself to get on the treatment table !

These are some very simple signs to help you monitor how you are doing as you go through life. If you feel that burnout and getting run down are creeping in, it is very important to not let it go on the back burner and to correct your Qi Flow early on so it doesn’t begin to effect your health, mental peace or relationships. Sometimes more correction is needed then just more rest, however sometimes appropriate. Any of the healing modalities can greatly correct disturbances of stale, burnt out energy, like Acupuncture, Natural Herbal Remedies, Chiropractic Care, Massage, Reiki Energy Healing and Many other forms of body work. It is very important for us to have another human work on us as it adds a special kind of energy and caring to our system from an outside source. In addition, things to do for yourself can be Yoga, Meditation, Running, Dancing, Any ENJOYABLE Exercise, Salt Baths, Music Healing, Spending time in Nature, a Short Weekend Trip Away, Anything Else that makes you come alive.

The point of all this is to increase our awareness of our wellness and help us understand that there IS something we can do about it to feel, be and act better and more our natural selves. It is great to spot trouble and correct it quickly, yet it is also very effective to prevent it all together by having systems in place that keep us healthy, fresh and renewed on a regular basis, otherwise burn out may potentially not be avoidable. For example, do some of the above mentioned tips on a regular basis… getaways, exercise, acupuncture, etc. to keep yourself where you want to be and even improving, rather then trying to get back to that healthy state once it is gone. For example, I practice a very holistic craft and I highly recommend acupuncture on a monthly or seasonal basis just to keep us at our best.

            Hope you enjoyed my latest ideas for our best us. Feel free to send any question. Be Happy and Healthy All!                                                                                         Christopher Grodski, L.Ac., Dipl.OM                                                                                   631-599-1111