5 Minute Technique to Fix Your Body after Your Work Day

Here is an old video I put together Demonstrating Very Simple Sun Salutations in Yoga.  Don’t be afraid, EVERYONE can do this even if your movement doesn’t look quite like mine.  Try, Modify and figure it out how it works for you.  5 or 10 rounds of this will take out ALL the tightness, stress and fatigue after your work day.  You’ll feel like a new person, and less likely to binge TV, Food or Drink.  Try it Out and You’ll See.

 - Click Here for the Video -

To Your Best, Sincerely, Christopher Grodski, L.Ac.


On Acupuncture with Disc Herniations

Low back Disc Herniations are extremely common.  Someone you know is probably suffering from them.  Take a minute to watch this video about how acupuncture can help and forward this to a loved one who could use some help in this area.  “Click Here for the Video”

Acupuncturist Christopher Grodski


The 2 Biggest and Easiest ways to Clear Stress from your Body

Click this text to watch the video where I suggest the 2 Biggest and Easiest ways to clear stress from your body and mind, so you can continue forward in your greatest spiritual self.  Blessings, Chris 

How Your Acupuncturist is Viewing Your Body…

Back Office

From your pelvis to the top of your head is the same expression of life as this picture.  Your ischial bones as the Brick, your digestion the soil/Ground, your rib cage full of all the Green Vegetation, your encasing skull the Blue Sky with hints of White.  This is a diagnostic procedure to view Health of your internal environment.  Is it in harmony with your external environment?  Acupuncture reestablishes Nature.  The acupuncture needles are metal.  The metal element is of the Lungs, which are spiritual.  When the Lungs breath we meditate, and when we meditate, we merge with Nature.  Sat Nam and Much Love, Chris -


Video: Advanced Acupressure for Mental Anguish, Trauma Relief and Self Healing

Greeting All.  Follow this link to the my youtube video which is an educational tutorial teaching a very powerful acupressure technique and associated information to physiologically relieve the body, mind and spirit.  www.cgorientalmedicine.com

Advanced Acupuncressure for Mental Anguish, Trauma Relief and Self Healing