5 Minute Technique to Fix Your Body after Your Work Day

Here is an old video I put together Demonstrating Very Simple Sun Salutations in Yoga.  Don’t be afraid, EVERYONE can do this even if your movement doesn’t look quite like mine.  Try, Modify and figure it out how it works for you.  5 or 10 rounds of this will take out ALL the tightness, stress and fatigue after your work day.  You’ll feel like a new person, and less likely to binge TV, Food or Drink.  Try it Out and You’ll See.

 - Click Here for the Video -

To Your Best, Sincerely, Christopher Grodski, L.Ac.


On Acupuncture with Disc Herniations

Low back Disc Herniations are extremely common.  Someone you know is probably suffering from them.  Take a minute to watch this video about how acupuncture can help and forward this to a loved one who could use some help in this area.  “Click Here for the Video”

Acupuncturist Christopher Grodski


The 2 Biggest and Easiest ways to Clear Stress from your Body

Click this text to watch the video where I suggest the 2 Biggest and Easiest ways to clear stress from your body and mind, so you can continue forward in your greatest spiritual self.  Blessings, Chris 

The 2 Reasons According to the Ancients as to Why Some of your Acupuncture Points have more Sensation then the Others.

Every acupuncture experience is unique. Even within the same person, day to day, or week to week. Just like results coming from a meditation practice, in one sitting there may be drastic healing of pain, emotion, energy, etc., or it may be subtle. The work is being done in the foundation and the roots, yet the stem and the flower may or may not be ready to bloom. Specifically regarding the experience of you laying on the table and how you feel during the Acupuncture process, we have two major explanations for why some points are felt and others not.

There are an infinite number of acupuncture points and infinite patterns of circulation within your body. A primary concern of Chinese medicine is improving the circulation of your life force Chi and Blood and Fluids. By improving this circulation your body can better heal itself. If one point is particularly painful, or sensational in someway, there is a specific purpose. Possible and very common sensations are feelings of pressure, pinching, hot or cold, a radiating sensation to an organ or up or down your arm or leg, muscle twitching and many more. All of these are strong responses, and very good signs that the body will respond with healing itself.

The first reason acupuncture points can be particularly sensational at times, is due to what we call “Excess” or “Shi.” This is when there is something of “Excess” in your system. For example emotion, thought, physical injury, stress, dryness, phlegm, even cold can be built up in one of your Meridians circulation. That excess buildup creates a blockage of your circulating Chi and Blood. These blockages are always occurring every day on either subtle levels, or more major levels. Preventative medicine is when we fix these blockages when they are still more subtle and non-problematic. This is easier and quicker. When symptoms are strong, blockages are obviously bigger and more long-standing. This takes more time to work out for a practitioner AND this is why it is better to work on yourself when problems are still in the early beginnings. So, the first reason for the acupuncture being more sensational, is that we are removing that blockage which is in direct analogy of removing a dam from a rivers circulation. It is good for the health of the river to have open flow, but the moment of removing the dam, the acupuncture point being “needled,” the back up of the pressure that the dam was creating needs to adjust. This is the cause of the sensation.

The second cause of acupuncture points being sensational, is due to a situation of “Deficiency” or “Xu” in Chinese medicine. It is essentially a vulnerability. Our body is full of certain resources. We are a container. We are a container of energy, blood, fluid, fire, water, essence. We have varying amounts of all of these. Some people can be deficient in energy, others can be deficient in blood. Hence, another reason we needle an Acupuncture Meridian is to bring more energy and blood to the Meridian that is deficient. That Meridian lacks the given substance. Because of its lack of fullness, it is energetically weak and so less tolerant of any change or stimulus. This lack of tolerance or vulnerability creates the point to be more sensational. Given time, calling more energy and blood to that area, the sensation goes away and it becomes almost sensation-less, or at least more quiet. In both “Excess” or “Deficiency” cases, with repeated treatment, and the persons symptoms being worked out, this will normalize the point to a more healthy response. This healthy response typically means a very mild cramping sensation or a very mild pressure that is healing but not dramatic as when there are definite issues.

Chinese medicine and acupuncture is a small example of more universal energetic principles. The things we talked about regarding medicine and the human body, also can translate into life of all forms in this world. Here, we’re talking about excess and deficiency in our body and how it makes a more dramatic experience for ourselves. To the same liking, in external life, similar assessments can be made and we can deduce as to why karma comes about. It is a highly developed a system of Energy observation. The energy within ourselves, our environments, and our relationships. Anything can be medicine and anybody can be a medicine man, given the right environment and right timing, because of all things being relative. Be kind to yourself, learn, grow and may every day you get closer to your true self and life. Your friend Chris


Relationship of Your Heart and Lungs

Relationship of Your Heart and Lungs

Many of you know or have heard that autumn is the season of the element metal, which has its internal association with your lungs and large intestine. This is the internal body manifestation of the energy that is heightened in autumn and thus heightened within your self.  Very basically, it’s the most opportune and auspicious time to work on issues we may have associated with the Longs and large intestine such as constipation, colitis, Crohn’s, asthma, allergies, recurrent colds, internal emotions mostly dealing with grief, loss, and life changes.  However, in addition to this being the most important time of year to focus on these lung-large intestine physical and spiritual issues, this season also has a very intimate partnership with the health of your heart as your spiritual center.

The ancient texts of Chinese medicine speak of the heart organ when in disharmony as having many types of heart pains. In the physical sense, such as chronic heart disease, their can be many factors here which are obstructing the organ, such as excess of phlegm, food, heat and inflammation, cold and congestion, energy and blood stagnation, etc. Yet, also there are metaphorical pains of the heart which have to do with some internet meridians that are often worked on being on the inside of the forearm and inside of the leg. These types of pains of the heart have to do with emotional grievances and trials in life that challenge us to the core of our spiritual center.

The Qi or Pranic energy of the chest is a combined energy. The Qi of the chest is a combination of the lungs, pericardium, and heart systems that come together to form what’s known as Zhong Qi or ancestral Qi.  Furthermore, in ancient terms, the acupuncture point directly in the center of the chest and breastbone is given the name “Sea of Qi”.  Whatever name you give it Qi, Prana, Energy, the center of the chest is the house of your life force.

In order to live at the maximum potential of this human experience we have to infuse, encourage, and exalt this life force Qi in the chest. If we live mundanely, numbly, and to rationally, the spontaneity and miraculous flowering of life will not be what it could because, opposed to the rational mind, natural life will bring things beyond your imagination and expectation when expressed to the fullest. At best when lived according to the rational mind, life will be predictable. So, whether a person needs growth in the spiritual, mental emotional, or physical paradigm of their heart center this can be worked upon by directly focusing on the heart, but also as equally important, by working on the lungs.

In Autumn, by working on the physical and energetic aspect of the lungs and their spirits which are named the seven Po, we create space in the chest cavity, “Sea of Qi,” to make room for the hearts healing. The hearts healing means to be energetically completely empty and full at the same time.  In this life the lungs are the first connection with the external world. As we breath we touch our environment. And it is mostly from looking from the wrong perspective in relationship with this environment that most of our wounds are accumulated and the bags are added on to the shoulders.  So, by working on the lungs of the chest making them clear and strong, giving us a strong immunity, we begin to surround the heart with a more pure vibrant energy that is spacious and full. Here the lungs become a magnetic force to encourage the heart to also be spacious, empty, and full. So, through the work on the lungs element of metal we can help keep the heart center more balanced, which will simply open you up more and more to your own life.  I cannot tell you what this means, however it can only be experienced. We all have our very unique journey, so we should keep opening and opening to it over and over and just let true nature of our self unfold to us that becomes more profound than our imagination.  There’s a famous quote from the movie Jurassic Park where the theorist says, “life will always, ah, ah, ah, find a way.”

This is a brief daily reflection of the relationships between the organs, and most appropriately in the autumn season of reflection, harvesting, and going within, that of the lungs and heart.

I look forward to seeing and hearing from you all soon! I encourage you to ask me questions and inquire what you or I can do to help you along your journey of life and health.

Be happy, be healthy, and live your extraordinary life!

Your Acupuncturist, Herbalist and Yogi Chris L.Ac., Dipl. OM