The Importance of “The Change of Seasons Treatment”

The Importance of “The Change of Seasons Treatment”

Acupuncture, a treatment coming from Traditional Chinese Medicine, is a great way to benefit your body physically, emotionally and mentally. Whether someone has specific problems or goals, such as pain, allergies, migraines, stress or fertility issues, OR someone is looking for a way to avoid health problems by being preventative while continuing to be proactive to reduce stress, increase their energy and improve on “this or that” in their lives, Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine can greatly benefit your health. This is where a Change of Seasons Treatment can be a great support.
In Chinese Medicine, there is an 18 day period between the seasons, 4 times a year, where is it very beneficial to receive Acupuncture Treatment. There are certain energetic and physical changes that happen with our environment, but also within us as well. It is a time, as we shift from one season to another, one element to another, where we return to our Central, Earth, Digestive energy for 18 days. This is why this time is so good for treatment. Treatment during this time can help Clear the body of old patterns of poor health, habits, mental outlook, and emotional stagnations, as well as Support the body, so it can gracefully transition to the next phase of life easily, without hesitation or resistance. Here, we can focus on any specific problems you may be dealing with, and/or help with your desires as to where you would like to go with your health (physical, mental, emotional), and/or balance the person according to the Tongue and Pulse Diagnosis (see Tongue and Pulse Article), where we can treat health imbalances early and correct them before they manifest into symptoms that affect a persons life. General health or Specific ailments, we can work with you. Health improvement in any area, simply, has the potential to make life more enjoyable and happy.
This is why I encourage, minimally, a Change of Seasons Treatment 4 times a year, in-between each season. I even offer a discounted rate often and send out email reminders to those on my email list to support the awareness of our health treatments. These Treatments are usually held September (Summer – Fall), December (Fall – Winter), March (Winter – Spring), and June (Spring – Summer). Look for my email reminders, or simply ask me When the next one will be. I always make myself available and make appointments by phone, text or email.

Health and Happiness to You

Christopher Grodski, L.Ac., Dipl.OM

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